What's a Woof'em Stick or a Woof'em?

A Woof'em Stick is an outdoor cooking device to make tasty treats for your self, family and friends.

A Woof'em is the tasty treat that is made by putting dough on the end and cooking till golden brown.

How do you make a Woof'em?

1. Buy some of these

3. Hold the end of the woof'em stick over a nice fire and start cooking. . .

5. The best part of all. . . .

WOOF'EM! That's right taste the goodness that is called a Woof'em.

2. Then spread your dough over the metal cup

4. Now stuff your woof'em with anything tasty!

Of course you can watch the video.

The                          Kit

This is what you get when you purchase Woof'em Sticks.

Don't bother to click for a larger picture.

2 - WOOF'em Sticks

1 - HotDog attachment

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